When you begin the publishing process it is important to find an editor who best fits your individual needs.

What does a good copyeditor do? They check your manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability, and consistency. They often make suggestions to help you improve your literary work, and will query you about anything that is incomplete or unclear.

Your editor should be an advocate for your project, and should see to it that each step in the production process is executed accurately and to your satisfaction.

Whether your material is of the scholarly nature, a work of fiction, or focuses on New Age and spirituality, First Write will match you with a copyeditor who will help guide you through all of the steps to ensure a superb finished product.


  • Light (baseline) copyediting—your material is checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation. All citations and corresponding references are checked for correct formatting and consistency.
  • Medium (organizational) copyediting—your material is checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style consistency, and format. Redundancy and ambiguity are checked, and queried if necessary. The CE will check the relationship of relevant text to tables and graphics. Verb tenses and voice are checked and corrected where necessary.
  • Heavy (substantive, content) copyediting—includes all of the above and also incorporates improving the flow and organization of the text. Remedies any ESL concerns, and also ensures uniformity and clarity of the material.
  • Our copyeditors have worked in a variety of disciplines including scholarly monographs, art/coffee-table volumes, New Age/healing/spirituality and self-help titles, handbooks, adult and YA fiction, among others.
  • Proofreading—our proofreaders check material that has already been typeset. They will mark for correction any typos, punctuation errors, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. They also check to ensure the applied style has been adhered to. Proofreading serves as one last final check before printing.
  • Indexing—we will create combined, or separate author and subject indexes according to your style and content preferences. If keywords are necessary, the indexer will compile a keyword list, also.
  • Text layout/design—text design is a powerful tool in marketing your book. We will create a layout that will enhance your text and help organize your book for the maximum experience of the reader.
  • Cover design—a professional and aesthetically-pleasing cover is essential for the success of your publication. It is the first thing a reader sees, and it can either draw them toward, or push them away from your book. We will work with you to design a cover that fulfils your vision, and that also maximizes sales in relevant markets.


For a reasonable fee of $99 we will go through your project and determine how best to bring it to fruition.

A writing coach will work with you to help organize your ideas, create a book proposal, or develop your story's characters. Your work will be critiqued and we'll give you sound advice that will enable you to move forward to a published title. This service also helps you avoid some of the common mistakes that author's sometimes make. We will tailor the coaching to your individual needs.