Women and Pedagogy

Education through Autobiographical Narrative

Pattie C.S. Burke

282 pp.  
6" x 9"

Educator's International Press


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Publish date: June 2014
ISBN: 978-1-891928-35-2

The author presents her stories with wit, passion, empathy, and deeply honest emotion. Men as well as women, teachers as well as students—-all will gain insight into the value of pursuing autobiographical writing as a tool for understanding self, schools, and society. A Foreword by curriculum scholar Susan H. Edgarton, and response essays by noted educators are an important component of this book. Referred to as a “force of nature”, Burke brings her unique energy to every page of this important volume.

Burke’s stories and poems are a poignant collection of self-exploration, writing, and teaching. Teachers, mothers, and learners alike will find value in this colorful and meaningful volume.

Reviews & Endorsements:

“Pattie Burke has inspired and delighted the graduate students in our Leadership Academy with readings from her autobiographical narratives and poems. Pattie’s work is truly remarkable!”
- Ellen Barber, Professor and Chair, Department of Education,Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

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